Back-To-School Survey

To view the survey, click on the image below.  To make a copy, you will need to open the file, right-click the form and select "Make a Copy".


Needs Assessment Toolkit

This Toolkit was developed by the Children’s Aid Society National Center for Community Schools in the USA

Needs Assessment Toolkit - Children's Aid Society - Download File 

Sample Surveys

N.A. for Teachers - Download File 

N.A. for Parents of New Students - Download File 

N.A. for Parents of Returning Students - Download File 

N.A. & Feedback Questions for CLC Parents - Download File 

N.A. Regional Model - Download File 

Tips and Tricks

Whenever possible and appropriate, use an online tool like

Surveymonkey go to site .  It will save you time.


Take the opportunity to list (i.e., advertise) what's available at your CLC/school.

Always feedback your results.  This builds your credibility and can help to further engage participants.

Communicate Your FIndings Visually

Use Piktochart go to site 

Create data charts in Word go to site  

Use Easel go to site