LEARN is seeking a qualified teacher with at least five years’ experience teaching at the secondary level. A computer with reliable high speed internet is required. (A computer and peripherals may be assigned to a successful candidate who does not otherwise have access.)


LEARN is seeking a qualified teacher with at least five years’ experience teaching at the secondary level. A computer with reliable high-speed internet is required. (A computer and peripherals may be assigned to a successful candidate who does not otherwise have access.)

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ArtistsInspire Grants Launched by ELAN, in partnership with LEARN

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ELAN launches ArtistsInspire Grants (AIG), a $2.2 million investment for Quebec official-language minority schools to create arts and cultural opportunities

ELAN Quebec, in partnership with LEARN, officially launched ArtistsInspire Grants today, a micro-grant program that will fund artistic and cultural activities in 300 official-language minority schools throughout the province of Quebec. Eligible public elementary and secondary schools are encouraged to apply for this funding, with $1500 available per school for each of the next four years, starting in 2019/2020.

“Access to arts and cultural expressions allow us to hear stories and see ourselves in multiple ways, showing us an infinite possibility of bright futures. Our government knows that it’s important for parents in minority communities to provide their children with an environment in which they can thrive in their own language and culture,” said the Honourable Mélanie Joly, Minister of Tourism, Official Languages and La Francophonie. “We are proud to implement this program, which will not only increase the number of activities offered, but also immerse students at official-language minority schools in the cultural life of their community.”

“The ultimate goal of the program is that through the hands-on creative experiences that artists facilitate, teachers, students and community members in the province are inspired to develop their creativity capacity in ways that lead to individual and community outcomes for learning, wellbeing and socio-economic development” said Christie Huff, Lead Consultant - ELAN's Arts & Education Initiatives. 

Schools will be able to plan their own creative experiences and can select from a large pool of highly-qualified, ELAN-approved Quebec artists, representing a broad range of artistic disciplines. “What we are able to offer, with these arts initiatives, to provide for students, is a different way to engage” said musician, Louise Campbell. Many other Quebec artists are equally thrilled and ready to participate in AIG.

To be eligible for the program, artists must identify as members of the English-speaking communities (ESC) of Quebec, representing the diversity of the province’s demographics and cultural communities. They must have also demonstrated their experience with schools through prior work with ELAN or other recognized artistic and educational organizations.

The $2.2 million in micro-grants represent the Quebec portion of a $7.5 million investment over four years, announced in September 2018 by the Honourable Mélanie Joly, Minister of Tourism, Official Languages and La Francophonie. The investment falls under the Government of Canada’s Action Plan for Official Languages 2018-2023: Investing in Our Future. This new program, like the Community Cultural Action Fund, will support and strengthen the cultural, artistic and heritage expressions of official language minority communities in Quebec and the rest of Canada.

Management and administration of ArtistsInspire Grants is through a partnership between ELAN and LEARN. ELAN will approve schools’ grant applications based on artist eligibility and travel requirements. As a non-profit serving Quebec’s ESCs, LEARN will administer the grants, paying artists’ fees and expenses for grants approved by ELAN. The two organizations are also collaborating to promote and support the program, including outreach and program counsel, aiming to reach as many of the 300 eligible schools as possible.  

A high level of interest in AIG has already been generated to date, with both ELAN and LEARN receiving numerous inquiries from school boards, individual schools and artists. Over the next few weeks the ELAN and LEARN communications teams will launch an outreach campaign to raise awareness among eligible schools and artists.  In addition to contacting all schools, communications will include presentations at conferences, social media and a new website that will connect schools with artists.

The new website features an accessible, easy-to-use application form that can be used by interested principals. The site will also feature profiles of qualified Quebec artists and their core artistic disciplines.    

Through ArtistsInspire Grants, ELAN looks forward to continue empowering diverse artists and connecting them with schools and students, with the common goal of sparking creative experiences and engagement in official-language minority communities.


"This project has been made possible by the Government of Canada / Ce projet à été rendu possible grâce au gouvernement du Canada"

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A close up of a logoDescription automatically generatedAbout ELAN (English-Language Arts Network) Quebec: ELAN is a not-for-profit organization that  connects, supports, and creates opportunities for Quebec’s English-speaking artists and arts communities. ELAN members are individuals and organizations from a wide array of artistic disciplines, cultural and geographic backgrounds, and linguistic and cultural communities. Together this network reflects an evolving Quebec identity and celebrates the province’s cultural, artistic, and social diversity

A close up of a signDescription automatically generatedAbout LEARN - LEARN (Leading English Education and Resource Network) is a non-profit educational organization with a mandate to serve the English-speaking community of Quebec. Its services and resources include elementary and secondary level teaching tools and content; professional learning; community, school and parental support; as well as a full range of online services through the LEARN Virtual Campus. LEARN’s efforts contribute to student retention, academic success and strong English-speaking communities.


For further information:


Phone: 514 574-6344

Twitter: @ELANQC • Facebook: ELAN Quebec’ ACE Initiative • Instagram: elan_quebec_ace_initiative



NEXTSchool: Bringing Student Insights to the Forefront

One of the main reasons that Design Thinking is the chosen facilitation process in designing NEXTschool is its integral focus on human needs.  In this case, the humans are students! In order to get past their own inevitable assumptions and biases, EXPLOREteachers have taken on a number of initiatives to listen to the student perspective, to dig deep on pulling out their insights and ideas, and to giving them the opportunity to help build and iterate their prototypes. 

On the blog: Do Board Games Have a Place in Education?

Photo of "Settlers of Catan" Game BoardThis week, we explore the possibility of using modern board games in the classroom with a post by guest blogger Matt Pinchuk. These aren't your grandma's board games, and the new dynamics present in many popular games today may provide new ways of improving student engagement, empathy, and understanding in the classroom. 

Do Board Games Have a Place in Education? Go to siteExternal site link icon


On the blog, "Inside Birding: How community partnerships can ignite student curiosity"

Photo of birdwatching notes by a studentOur schools are richer places because of the community connections made. Read all about a classroom and their newfound love of birding, thanks to the passion of a community partner - and blogger Ben Loomer:

Inside Birding: How community partnerships can ignite student curiosity

Check out the way the class used technology and suggest other ways that technology could be deployed in this type of project!


Teacher Appreciation – There’s More to Teaching Than What Happens in the Classroom!

When we picture educators, perhaps we most often usually imagine them in a classroom full of students, in front of a whiteboard, or working at a desk. Many of the teachers highlighted this week, are also appreciated for what they do outside of the classroom walls. Whether the teacher coaches sports, organizes clubs, or engages students in community activities, builds confidence along with academic skills or is an expert in home-school communication and connection, all of those highlighted below have stood out as AWESOME to the families who took time to send messages of appreciation this week. There is more to learning than what happens in the classroom! 

Teacher Appreciation Week on the LEARN Blog

Photo of teacher and student dressed in graduation garbExpressing and recognizing gratitude has been shown to make one feel happier. It is all too easy to focus on the negative. Taking stock of all the things for which we have to be grateful will surely make us feel better.  Just think about how happy it would make someone if you shared that gratitude! 

Watch it again: Helping your child transition to CEGEP Facebook Live Event

LEARN more about the CEGEP experience in Quebec and what you can do to help prepare your child (and you!) for successful transition to post-secondary education. Special guests Karen Nesbitt, Academic Advisor at LBPSB and Sarah Dudley, Social Work Technician in Student Services at Vanier College

Sur le blogue : La ludopédagogie

Nous ne cessons pas de jouer parce que nous sommes vieux; nous devenons vieux parce que nous cessons de jouer. George Bernard Shaw

Après avoir assisté à un atelier donné par Geneviève Ducharme et Emilie Laquerre sur la ludopédagogique, j’étais tellement emballée que j’ai décidé de vous partager leur excellent travail. Je les ai donc invitées à répondre à mes questions.


2018 Encounters with Canada Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Compassion In Action Contest. Read the winning essays!

On the Blog: Drawing a Lesson: Familiarity Breeds Creativity

Putting herself in an unfamiliar learning setting, Christiane Dufour experienced first-hand what happens in the “making” process when one is unfamiliar with the materials and the techniques associated with them. It brought home what three teachers discovered when they implemented STEAM the Kindergarten Way through Play. Be sure to scroll all the way down to the video at the end.

On the blog: Artful Tinkering in Kindergarten: The creativity table

Kindergarten students making artHot in the wake of Christiane Dufour's standing-room-only workshop at QPAT (which garnered over 50 attendees!), she brings us a timely post on Making in Kindergarten. As with everything that comes out of K these days, I'm always left wondering - why not do this all throughout school using various materials, tech and non-tech?

On the Blog: "Fostering a Growth Mindset in the Arts Classroom"

What strategies can be used in the arts classroom to shift focus from ‘getting it right’ to exploring potential? Educators often refer to this as ‘fostering a growth mindset’. As an Artist in Schools, my first task in a music classroom is to use the skills students have developed with their teachers in a way that is surprising. I do this by setting up games. Games have rules, giving everyone clear guidelines that govern how and what to play, making it easy for everyone to participate, in addition to being fun.

LEARN's Open Creative Space AT QPAT CONVENTION 2018

Hyatt Regency Montreal

Friday, November 9, 2018 - 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Inspiration Room (Level 6)


Come explore, make, tinker and meet like-minded people at the Open Creative Space co-hosted by LEARN. A Makerspace that embraces the A in STEAM!

Facebook Live Event – Get to know LEARN

Join us on Facebook @learnquebec 

Wednesday, November 7, 2018 at 7:00 pm

Calling all parents and guardians!
LEARN will be hosting a series of Facebook live events this school year to help connect English-speaking parents to the latest resources and opportunities for their child(ren).

Get to know LEARN

Join us to learn about the wide range of free educational resources for parents and students available through LEARN, including online tutoring services, summer school, how-to guides and more. Parents will also have a chance to learn more about the Community Learning Centre Initiative and the services commonly offered to families through participating schools.


On the Blog: Shoreline Project connects the local and global

Shoreline Project Screen CaptureI grew up in Alberta and part of my story of becoming Québécois includes the year I spent on the Îles de la Madeleine working as a Language Monitor at the Polyvalente des Îles. In an instant, I went from prairies to beaches. My fascination with the Québec coast continued through Montreal neighborhoods like Verdun and through towns like New Richmond, Gaspé and communities on the Lower North Shore of Québec.  I would always find myself braced against the cold wind looking at fishing boats, wondering about how life and work on the shore was changing with the decline of cod and the rise of crab and lobster.

Careers - We are hiring Tutors for Online Tutoring

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LEARN hires qualified, bilingual, enthusiastic and motivated individuals for a variety of positions on a regular basis. Please click "More" below for our latest employment postings. LEARN is an equal opportunity employer.


LEARN Online Tutoring: Registration for the current session is still open

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LEARN Tutoring provides online homework help and tutoring sessions, at no charge, from qualified and experienced teachers. LEARN works in partnership with schools and families to support student success.

If you are in grades 2 to 11, in an English school in Quebec, LEARN will work with your school and your family to support your academic success.

Tutoring request form opens on October 9.

Tutoring sessions start on October 15.