On the Blog: Leveraging Fortnite in Education: What can educators learn from games?

Fortnite has quickly become all consuming for many of our youngsters in 2018. They play for hours on end, discuss complex strategies at lunch tables, worship the ritualized character “dances”, will do whatever chores you ask for V bucks, they’ll even rush through their homework so they can join in on the next Battle Royal. What has this video game done to our children? One word: engagement!

Sur le blogue : « Tu fais quoi maman ? » Les multiples rôles du conseiller pédagogique en FLS

Jeune garçon de 5 ansDu haut de ses 5 ans, mon fils m’a demandé ce que je faisais comme travail. Je lui ai dit : «Je suis une conseillère pédagogique.»Et lui, avec ses grands yeux interrogatifs, il a répliqué : «Ouin… Tu fais quoi maman?»  

Avant de lui répondre, je me suis mise à réfléchir. Je fais plein de choses… Par où commencer ? Que devrais-je lui dire? Comment expliquer à un jeune enfant ce que je fais de façon simple? Mon fils m’a amené à me pencher sur mon travail.


On the Blog: The Design Process: The backbone of school Makerspaces

The word on the street these days is Design. It comes up in terms like ‘design thinking’ and ‘design process’. Educators are increasingly being urged to use design in their professional practice and to teach design skills to their students. But what is design? What is its role in education in the 21st century? And finally, how are these ideas related to STEAM and Makerspaces more broadly?

Encounters With Canada Student Contest

Are you a student enrolled in an English-speaking high school in the province of Quebec between the ages of 14 and 17? EMPOWERMENT: COMPASSION IN ACTION CONTEST IS FOR YOU!
THIS IS YOUR CHANCE to join the thousands of students from across the country who have taken part in an engaging youth forum in our nation's capital. You will get inspired, explore career options, make new friends and discoveries, and share stories!

NEXTSchool: Reflecting on Relationships

As the EXPLOREteams start to design their NEXTschool, they will be looking at the high school experience through the lens of the Relational System which focuses on who takes part in the learning experience, the emotional and motivational aspects of learning, as well as who we learn from, with and who we teach.

Our latest post: Reflecting on Relationships