On the blog: Do Board Games Have a Place in Education?

Photo of "Settlers of Catan" Game BoardThis week, we explore the possibility of using modern board games in the classroom with a post by guest blogger Matt Pinchuk. These aren't your grandma's board games, and the new dynamics present in many popular games today may provide new ways of improving student engagement, empathy, and understanding in the classroom. 

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On the blog, "Inside Birding: How community partnerships can ignite student curiosity"

Photo of birdwatching notes by a studentOur schools are richer places because of the community connections made. Read all about a classroom and their newfound love of birding, thanks to the passion of a community partner - and blogger Ben Loomer:

Inside Birding: How community partnerships can ignite student curiosity

Check out the way the class used technology and suggest other ways that technology could be deployed in this type of project!


Teacher Appreciation – There’s More to Teaching Than What Happens in the Classroom!

When we picture educators, perhaps we most often usually imagine them in a classroom full of students, in front of a whiteboard, or working at a desk. Many of the teachers highlighted this week, are also appreciated for what they do outside of the classroom walls. Whether the teacher coaches sports, organizes clubs, or engages students in community activities, builds confidence along with academic skills or is an expert in home-school communication and connection, all of those highlighted below have stood out as AWESOME to the families who took time to send messages of appreciation this week. There is more to learning than what happens in the classroom! 

Teacher Appreciation Week on the LEARN Blog

Photo of teacher and student dressed in graduation garbExpressing and recognizing gratitude has been shown to make one feel happier. It is all too easy to focus on the negative. Taking stock of all the things for which we have to be grateful will surely make us feel better.  Just think about how happy it would make someone if you shared that gratitude! 

Watch it again: Helping your child transition to CEGEP Facebook Live Event

LEARN more about the CEGEP experience in Quebec and what you can do to help prepare your child (and you!) for successful transition to post-secondary education. Special guests Karen Nesbitt, Academic Advisor at LBPSB and Sarah Dudley, Social Work Technician in Student Services at Vanier College