30K in Funding for Mental Health & Wellbeing Initiatives

Once again, LEARN’s Provincial Resource Team (PRT) has secured funds from the Community Health & Social Services Network (CHSSN) to allocate grants to Community Learning Centres (CLCs) interested in developing initiatives that promote mental health and well-being in English language schools and communities. More specifically, this year’s projects will focus on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).


What is Social and Emotional Learning?

“Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) includes the knowledge, attitudes and skills we need to navigate our world.” (Excerpt from presentation on Social-Emotional Learning in Education: From Theory to Practice. Cindy Finn, PhD, March 2018)

SEL has five core competencies:

1. Self-awareness
2. Self-management
3. Social awareness
4. Relationship skills
5. Responsible decision-making


Partnering to Promote Wellbeing Initiatives

LEARN and CHSSN aim to increase the number of CLCs promoting the acquisition of SEL competencies by funding projects that are aligned with the Partnering for the well-being of Minority English-Language Youth, Schools & Communities Action Framework.

Last school year, grant opportunities made available through LEARN in collaboration with the CHSSN resulted in the implementation of 20 projects that touched close to 1100 students, staff and community members.

LEARN’s Provincial Resource Team regularly works with provincial partners like the CHSSN to create and facilitate access to resources for English-speaking schools and communities in Quebec.