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PEH Elementary Learning Situations and Tools

New for Cycle 2 Elementary:  Forts, Fun and Fairplay: Building Teamwork and Communication Skills in the Winter Outdoors

Shared recently from English Montreal School Board, the objective of this LES is to develop elements of competency 2 while teaching outdoors in the winter. The activities are designed to be done in the schoolyard and do not require winter sport equipment like skies, snowshoes, etc.   Teacher's Guide.  Download   Activity Write-Ups.  Download

Interactive Learning Situations & Activities

A series of interactive Powerpoint-styled Google slides you and your students can use in class, at home, and of course in a gymnasium setting. These documents can be consulted on tablets or computers, and of course projects on a whiteboard or screen. Access useful information and examples in just 2 clicks (warm-up, demonstrations, cultural references, chronometers, etc.). Most images on the first pages are links to other document pages within or other online resources.  You can easily return to the home page by clicking on the home button at the bottom of each page.  

Mini-volley  Go to site

Agrogym   Go to site

FUTSAL  Go to site

Learning to skip rope   Go to site


Many of the LES previously on board sites and from your consultants and MEES are now available on LEARN. These LES were written by Anglophone resource people, with the support and expertise of the Ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur. 


Wrestling in Elementary Gym 
An interactive LES for use on a tablet or computer. At full screen you can navigate through instructions and videos. Go to site View in preview mode here.

Team Handball
Some of the available documents include:  Teachers guide:  Download   Students document:  Download


The Way I Play 
LES for Competency 2, Cycle 1, to help Cycle One students acquire the positive behaviours and communication skills that they need to participate in physical activity with others.  Download 

Pyramid and Balance Sequence with a Partner 
Here are some of the available documents:
Teachers guide:  Download   Students document:  Download
Resources:  Download  PPS slides 1,2 and 3 as zip file:  Download


Getting Open
Here are some of the available documents: 
Package of documents as zipped archive:  Download





Preparing for an Obstacle Course
LES for Competency 3, Cycle 3, to help students get ready to participate in an obstacle course of between 1 and 3 km.  This LES promotes questioning, analysis, reflection, critical thinking and the use of information.  Download   

Control my running, my jumping and my throwing in track and field
The following LES is available, along with posters and tools you can use.
LES on Track teachers guide:  Download   
Posters:  Jumping: Download   Running: Download   Weight Toss: Download 
Word versions:  Download  

Skills on Display  
Here are some of the available documents:
Teachers guide:  Download   Students document:  Download 

Controlled Jumping  
Here are some of the available documents:
Teachers guide:  Download   Students document:  Download 

A Question of Balance
Here are some of the available documents:
Teachers guide:  Download   Students document:  Download 

My Movement Skills  
Here are some of the available documents:
Teachers guide:  Download   Students document:  Download 

My Tchoukball Team  
Here are some of the available documents:
Teachers guide:  Download   Students document:  Download 

A Friendly Match
Here are some of the available documents:
Teachers guide:  Download   Students document:  Download 

My Kinball Team
Here are some of the available documents:
Teachers guide:  Download   Students document:  Download 

My Team’s Movement Skills
Teacher divides the students into mixed teams. Each team plans offence and defence strategies and applies them in a group activity in a common space:
Teachers guide:  Download   Students document:  Download  

Health Kits & Journals

2009 EMSB Healthy Active Kids in the Gym 

A resource for teaching Health through game play.  It enables student to develop an action plan on healthy, active living. Activities included help students keep track of fitness information gathered in the gymnasium.  Cycles 1-3.  Teacher resource booklet:  Download

New:  EMSB 2020 Revised Health Journals

The 2020 revision of these health journals was made possible through a Professional Development and Innovation Grant from the Leadership Committee on English Education in Quebec. Go to site

Games Databases for PEH

Browse the many games previously uploaded to our "Games Database".  These game descriptions and diagrams are now available as Google Documents you can copy and use as you see fit. Go to page

PEH Websites & Video Collections


PEH Quebec on Pinterest
The DEEN subcommittee consultants for Physical Education have set up a series of boards on Pinterest to share their suggestions for best sites.   Follow us, and we will find and add your ideas too!   Go to site

English LES are now available on the Volleyball Quebec web site. Go to site
Note also that Volleyball Quebec has a Youtube video channel and have started publishing English videos.  (Ask them for more via Twitter @VolleyballQC.  It worked for me!)

The Physical
An online professional development resource for physical educators. Their mission is to help you become the best physical education teacher you can be.  Go to site

Physical and Health Education Canada
Canada’s premier professional organization for physical and health educators for over 80 years.  Various resources and tools as well as their PHE Journal.  Got to site

P.E. Central
Lessons, Assessment, Best Practices,  Prof. Dev. including Online PD Courses, Onsite Workshops, etc. and of course the Hall of Shame!  Go to site

One stop shop for fitness resources, fitness station ideas, etc.  Go to site

PE Games
Warm-Ups, Full Length, Classroom, Weekly Challenges, Fitness Circuits, etc.  Go to site standards-based games
Some great content for your physical education prog
Invasion Games, Target Games, Net and Wall Games, Striking and Field Games, Chasing and Fleeing Games, Fundamental Movement Skills Games, Cooperation Games, and Health and Fitness Games!   Go to site 

Association of Physical Educators of Quebec (APEQ)
All about the APEQ conference and contacts for membership.  Go to site

Strengthening the physical education and health profession through meaningful and relevant professional learning opportunities in modern pedagogy.  Go to site

Webinars for 2016
from Physedagogy, links to dozens of free Phys. Ed. webinars on a variety of topics.  Go to site

OPEN - Online Physical Education Network
Curriculum Resources, PD, Equipment Packs.  Go to site

A research-based organization that disseminates evidence-based Physical Education, After School, Early Childhood, and Coordinated School Health programs to teachers and recreation leaders.   Go to site Lesson Plans here

A collection of free Phys. Ed. webinars giving by leading Physical Education experts  from Thompson Publishing.   Go to site

Voxer Chat Groups
Join the brilliant community of #physed teachers on Voxer. Browse the various chat groups below and click to automatically join.  Go to site


CIRA Ontario Resources
DVDs are available on the CIRA site for purchase on their resources page.  Go to site

Physical Education: Sports Training Videos (BBC)
Watch these short "how to" sports videos and get to grips with athletics, badminton, basketball, boccia, cricket, football, hockey, netball, swimming and tennis.   Go to site

Wrestling Demos (Thanks Rob!)
A series of wrestling moves demonstrated by two classes in Rosemere High School. Published on Youtube by EdTechSWLSB.  Note, these videos are featured in the "Wrestling in the Elementary Gym" LES by SWLSB.  Go to site

Youtube sites to check out  (Thanks Katherine!)
PEHCanada videos on Youtube   Go to site
Brian Lewis Gymconsulting  Go to site
ThePhysicalEducator   Go to site   
PHYSEDagogy  Go to site
James Mandingo  Go to site
Flaghouse Activity Channel  Go to site



MEQ PEH Program Documents and Training Sessions

Note that all documents referred to below are actually links directed to locations on the Ministère de l'Éducation du Québec (MEQ) and the Ministère de l'Enseignement supérieure (MES) site itself, specifically from the Programs of Study section.   Go to site

MEQ MES documents and sites

The Quebec Education Programs for Physical Education and Health 

MEQ MES Elementary summary page including key documents, weightings, etc:  Go to site 
Elementary PEH Program Download   

MEQ MES Secondary summary page  including key documents, weightings, etc:  Go to site  
Program Cycle 1  Download   Program Cycle 2 Download

The Progression of Learning documents

Elementary Progression of Learning Download 

Secondary Progression of Learning Download

The Evaluation Frameworks

Elementary PEH Framework for the Evaluation of Learning  Download  

Secondary PEH Framework for the Evaluation of Learning Download

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