Podcasts to inspire teachers and students! Immerse yourself into the podcast genre by listening to a variety of professional and student-made podcasts.

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Pre-Production Activities

Before you break out the laptops or boot up your classroom computers, go through these activities that prepare your students for creating their own podcasts. Tools for students included.

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The part where students make their own podcasts using specific software. Tips and checklists for being organized at the computer, links to tutorials and help files to download. Sources for free and copyright-free sounds and music.

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Teacher Planning

Things to do BEFORE you start working on a podcasting project with your students. Take stock of your technology situation, enlist the help of people available to you and plan student access to equipment and software. Planning checklist included.

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Curriculum Links

How to use podcasts in the subject areas and other aspects of the QEP.

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Planning evaluation of media production projects.

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Publishing your podcast.

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​​​​​​​Student Samples

Podcasts made by students in Quebec.

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Podcasting LES Example

The podcasting production process in SELA.

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Ideas for screening finished products.

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