The three-year Prework Training (PWT) program is designed to provide students with a gradual transition into work and community life, in addition to academic instruction aligned with each student’s needs, abilities and IEP goals. The Prework Training certificate attests to students’ general employability skills.

The sections below contain a rich variety of resources to support teachers in providing high-quality instruction adapted to the needs of their students. Under Teaching and Learning Tools you will find Learning and Evaluation Situations developed by Québec teachers specifically for the PWT program, in addition to other locally-developed resources. For even more teaching resources, check out the recommended links under Curated Resources. Information about our vibrant WOTP Mentoring: Communities of Practice project is under Professional Learning, links to the official MEES Directory of Semiskilled Trades and curriculum documents can be found under MEES Resources, and finally, don’t miss hearing directly from our students themselves through their compelling video testimonials.

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Teaching and Learning Tools

The resources below have been developed to align with the Québec Education Program (QEP) for Prework Training. Contributions can be found from a variety of educators across Québec: WOTP teachers, WOTP consultants and other members of the DEEN-CREATE Subcommittee, and the WOTP Project Development Officer. The QEP for Prework Training supports flexible pedagogy and differentiated instruction; teachers are encouraged to adapt or modify these resources to meet the needs of their students as required.


English Language Arts
Français langue seconde

Math, Science and Technology

Technological & Scientific Experimentation

  • Prework Math: Continuum Guide and Resources Download
  • Math LES: Healthy Lifestyles Meal Planner Download
  • Math LES: To Cell or not to Cell Download
  • WHMIS Pictograms Template - English Download
  • WHMIS Pictograms Template - French Download

Social Sciences

Geography, History & Citizenship Education

  • Geography, History & Citizenship Curriculum Map Download
  • LES: Tell Me Your Story Download
  • LES: My Environment? My Posibilities? My Job? Download
  • LES: What if it Changed? Download

Personal Development

Physical Education & Health
Autonomy & Social Participation

  • Autonomy & Social Participation Curriculum Map Download
  • ASP LES: Making Sense of Sex: Sex and Making Healthy Choices Download
  • ASP LES: Living in an Apartment Download
  • ASP LES: Healthy Lifestyles Meal Planner Download
  • ASP LES: Your Diet: Friend or Foe? Download

Career Development

Preparation for the Job Market
Introduction to the World of Work
Work Skills

Evaluation Tools

Additional Resources

  • PWT Subjects and Allocated Hours Download

Professional Learning (including WOTP Mentoring)

WOTP Mentoring Community of Practice 2019-2020

Day 1: October 3, 2019.

  • Agenda
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Stop Motion Animation Project, Joliette High School Download 
  • Exit Card Feedback

Mentoring Archive: Refer to the lists below for available resources from previous years' mentoring days.

  • 2018-2019
  • Day 4: April 10, 2019.
  • Agenda Download 
  • Powerpoint Presentation Download 
  • Gail Bernstein, PowerPoint for LINKS Elixirs Download 
  • Gerry Weintraub and Elana Bloom, Cracking the Survival code Download 
  • Exit Card Feedback Download 
  • Day 3: FSL Focus: December 7, 2018 
  • Agenda, with links to resources. Download 
  • Day 2: December 4, 2018
  • Agenda Download 
  • PowerPoint Presentation Download 
  • Resource Table Reference List Download 
  • Mini Farm and Smoothie Shop: Successful Entrepreneurship Projects (Ormilla Seecharran and Katie Shea) Download 
  • Making It Work: Five Pillars for Building a Successful WOTP Program and Resource Suggestions (Patrick Cousins and Sanda Iacovozzi) Download 
  • Patrick and Sandra's Resource List Download 
  • Engaging Multi-Disciplinary Projects Built on WE Resources and Activities (Amy Campbell) Download 
  • LINKS Workplace Safety Rap (Gail Bernstein) Download 
  • Gail's Work Placement Journal Download 
  • Exit Card Feedback Download 
  • Day 1: October 2, 2018
  • Agenda Download 
  • PPT Presentation Download 
  • WOTP 101, Ingrid Hove Gust Download 
  • "Teaching FSL in the WOTP Classroom," Marie Christine Plourde, ESSB Download 
  • Standing Desk Presentation, Billy Boudreau, Graeme Lachance,and Steve Greig, WQSB Download (might take a minute to download)
  • Standing Desk Handout Download 
  • Teacher Wellness: Dr. Gerry Weintraub & Dr. Elana Bloom, "Nurturing Emotional Resilience in Educators." Download 
  • Start, Stop, Continue Download 
  • Teacher Wellness Post Card Download 
  • Exit Card Feedback Download 
  • 2017-2018
  • Day Five: April 18, 2018
  • Agenda Download
  • PowerPoint Presentation Download
  • Living on Your Own—LES Download
  • MacKay Centre Entrepreneur Projects Download
  • Laval Senior Academy Bistro Download
  • Additional Website Links Download
  • Exit Card Feedback Download
  • Day Four: February 7, 2018
  • Agenda Download
  • PowerPoint Presentation Download
  • Exit Card Feedback Download
  • Books That My Students Enjoy Reading Download
  • ELA Book Pass Feedback Download
  • Links and References Download
  • Day Three: October 12, 2017 for ELA teachers with Dr. Lynn Senecal, Coordinator of the Inclusive Schools Network.
  • Focused ESL Session Download
  • Day Two: October 10, 2017 for FSL teachers with Marc-Albert Paquette, FSL Consultant, LBPSB.
  • Focused FSL Session Download
  • Day One: September 25, 2017
  • Agenda Download
  • PowerPoint Presentation Download
  • Exit Card Feedback Download
  • 2016-2017
  • Day 1 Agenda Download
  • Day 1 Presentation Download
  • Day 1 Simple is not Simplistic Download 
  • Day 1 Exit Card Download
  • Day 2 Information Document Download 
  • Day 2 Comprehesive Guide to Making in the Classroom Download
  • Day 2 Exit Card Download 
  • Day 3 Agenda Download 
  • Day 3 Presentation Download
  • Day 3 Exit Card Download
  • Day 4 Agenda Download 
  • Day 4 Presentation Download 
  • Day 4 Exit Card Download 
  • 2015-2016
  • Day 3 Group Member Rubric (Excel Doc) Download
  • Day 3 Integrating Technology in the WOTP Classroom Download
  • Day 3 Integrating Technology Handout Download
  • Day 3 Fun with Maps Download 
  • Day 3 Presentation Download
  • Day 3 Agenda Download 
  • Day 2 Exit Card Download
  • Day 2 Using Picture Books in the WOTP Classroom Download 
  • Day 2 Picture Books in the WOTP Classroom Download 
  • Day 2 Presentation Download 
  • Day 2 Agenda Download 
  • Day 1 Evaluation Toolkit (Word Doc) Download 
  • Day 1 Evaluation Toolkit (PDF) Download
  • Day 1 Exit Card Download 
  • Day 1 Presentation Download 
  • Day 1 Agenda Download 
  • 2014-2015
  • Day 1 Agenda Download
  • Day 1 Presentation Download
  • Day 1 Exit Card Feedback Download
  • Day 2 Agenda Download
  • Day 2 Presentation Download
  • Day 2 Chalk Talk Download
  • Day 2 Dyslexia and the Workplace Download
  • Day 2 Instructional, Environmental and Assessment Adaptations Download
  • Day 2 Learning Disabilities - Definitions and Characteristics Download
  • Day 2 Links to Documents about Special Education in Quebec Download
  • Day 2 Mental Illness in the Workplace Download
  • Day 2 Poem about Dyslexia Download
  • Day 2 Understanding Students with Mild Intellectual Disabilities Download 
  • Day 2 Exit Card Feedback Download
  • Day 3 Agenda Download
  • Day 3 Presentation Download
  • Day 3 Emergent Themes from the Directory of Semiskilled Trades Download
  • Day 3 Exploring our Unique Attributes Download
  • Day 3 IWW Workplace Template with Example Download
  • Day 3 Exit Card Feedback Download
  • Day 4 Agenda Download
  • Day 4 Data on file - Dictionary of Terms Download
  • Day 4 End of Year Reflections and Suggestions Template Download
  • Day 4 Eveline Taylor Fakebook LES Download
  • Day 4 LINKS Coffeetable Book Project Download
  • Day 4 Preparing for the Workforce - Building a Digital Portfolio Download
  • Day 4 Supportive Teaching Strategies Download
  • Day 4 The Wall Construction Project Download
  • Classroom Connections Project - Presentation of the First Task Download
  • Classroom Connections Project - Letter of Introduction and Instructions for the First Task Download
  • Classroom Connections Project - Links to School Tour Videos Download
  • Differentiation Project - Outline Download
  • Differentiation Project - History of Learning Space Download
  • Differentiation Project - Book Descriptions Download
  • Differentiation Project - Student Investigation Chart Template & Examples Download
  • Differentiation Project - Student Investigation Charts with Resource Links Download
  • 2013-2014
  • Day 1 Agenda Download
  • Day 1 Presentation Download
  • Day 1 TEVA Presentation Download
  • Day 1 Participant Feedback Download
  • Day 2 Agenda Download
  • Day 2 Presentation Download
  • Day 2 Participant Feedback Download
  • Day 3 Agenda Download
  • Day 3 Participant Feedback Download
  • Day 4 Agenda Download
  • Day 4 Presentation Download
  • Day 4 Maple Syrup Activity Download
  • Day 4 Participant Feedback Download
  • Day 4 Exit Card Feedback Download
  • 2012-2013
  • Day 1 Agenda Download
  • Day 1 Presentation Download
  • Day 2 Agenda Download
  • Day 3 Presentation Download
  • Day 3 A Brief Introduction to Differentiation Download
  • Day 3 The ABC's of Mental Health - Meeting the Needs Within a School Context Download

Winter 2019: LCEEQ, 10th anniversary


Click the image

QPAT Annual Teacher's Convention 2018

November 8-9, 2018, Hyatt Regency Montreal.

WOTP: Making it Work!

This was an engaging and informative session facilitated by experienced WOTP teachers Patrick Cousins and Sandra Iacovozzi of Howard S. Billings High School, New Frontiers School Board. They shared experience and lessons learned in building a strong and successful WOTP program, in addition to recommending some interesting classroom-tested teaching resources. Presentation Download . Resource List Download .

CDI Newsletter Archives

The Career Development and Work-Oriented Training Program Info (CD) newsletter (2009-2014) targeted educators in POP, Explo, EN and WOTP. It helped keep educators connected with the anglophone education community, classroom pedagogy, technology, resources available, upcoming professional development opportunities, and so much more. 

The issues listed below make specific reference to WOTP. The complete CD newsletter archives is available on the Career Development pages under Professional Learning. Go to site

Support Organizations 

ALDI (Advancing Learning in Differentiation and Inclusion) Go to site 

Centres of Excellence

Autism Spectrum Disorder Go to site 

Behaviour Management Go to site 

Inclusive Schools Network (Shapes of Mind) Go to site 

Mental Health Go to site 

Physically, Intellectually and Multi-Challenged Go to site 

Speech and Language Development Go to site 

Curated Resources


WOTP English Language Arts Download

WOTP French Second Language Download

WOTP Mathematics Download

WOTP Work Placement

Ciarlante, Kate, Understanding Autism: An Employer's Guide, Organization for Autism Research, Arlington, Virginia, USA, 2012. This booklet "offers practical tips for integrating people with autism into the workplace." Includes job coaching. Suggestions in the tool for young autistic adults can also be of value for WOTP students. To download or order free copies, Go to site 

Mental Health and Mindset

Curated Resources for Mental Health and Mindset Download

Nurturing Positive School Climate and Healthy Relationships, CEMH postcard Download 

What is Well-Being?, CEMH postcard Download 

Health and Safety

Young People at Work (CNESST) Go to Site 

Risk Identification Tool: Occupational Health and Safety Management. CNESST 2016. Download 

Passport to Safety - setting the standard Go to site 

Le travail chez les jeunes au secondaire du Quebec. French only. This report from the Ministry of Health and Social Services presents research findings on secondary students who work part-time. Information on work-place injuries could be relevant in the context of WOTP work placements. (See pages 1, 8 and 9). Download

Live Safe! Work Smart! (Ontario) Go to site 

Work Safe. For Life. Worker's Compensation Board of Nova Scotia. Go to Site 

MEES Resources

Directory of Semiskilled Trades

Directory of Semiskilled Trades. Go to site

Répertoire des métiers semi-spécialisés Go to site 

Summary of the Directory of Semiskilled Trades 2018 - 2019* Download 
     *This summary document is intended as a convenient, quick reference tool. In all cases please consult the Directory of Semiskilled Trades link above. This summary is updated annually. 

PWT Programs

WOTP Prework Training and Training for a Semiskilled Trade, Chapter 5 Go to site

Introduction to the QEP (common to all pathways), Chapters 1-4 Go to site

Program Documents by Subject Area

Frameworks for the Evaluation of Learning

Frameworks for the Evaluation of Learning Go to site

Other MEES Resources

Basic School Regulation (BSR or Régime pédagogique), Sections 23.3 to 23.5 Go to site

Guide to Organizing Practicums in the Workplace Download

Individualized Education Plans Go to site

Tax Credits for an On-the-Job Training Period Go to site

PWT Student Testimonial Videos

In the testimonials below, students from across Quebec candidly share their personal stories about working and learning within the Prework Training program. Congratulations to each of the students for their thoughtful reflections, perseverance and hard work!

These testimonials showcase a wide range of work placements and educational opportunities. It is important to remember that each student’s work experience within Prework Training will be unique, based upon the opportunities available within the local community and the interests and abilities of the student. Certification within Prework Training depends upon the mastery of seven individual competencies drawn from any job title found in the official MEES Directory of Semiskilled Trades.

Morgan Scully from Pontiac High School, Western Québec School Board, 1st Prize 2014-2015

Christopher Dymond from Adams PACE, Riverside School Board, 2014-2015

Mackenzie Palmer and DeShawn Sincennes from St. Michael’s High School, Western Québec School Board, 2014-2015

Jonathan Fortin from Pontiac High School, Western Québec School Board, 2014-2015

Rocco Panza from Rosemere High School, Sir Wilfred laurier School Board, 2014-2015

Québec High School group video, Central Québec School Board, 2014-2015
Matt and Lena, Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School, Lester B. Pearson School Board, 2nd Prize Winners, 2013-2014

Justin Arthur-Adjei, Justin Agard, John Jr. Chilcott, Shane Mayer, Anthony Ojeda and Devin Mayo from Howard S. Billings High School, New Frontiers School Board, 2nd prize winner 2014-2015

WOTP Consultants

WOTP Consultants

2019 - 2020

WOTP Project Development Officer
Joanna McKay

Central Quebec School Board
Jill Robinson and Marjolaine Quer

Cree School Board
George Oblin

Eastern Shores School Board
Guy Gallibois

Eastern Townships School Board
Kymberley Morin

English Montreal School Board
Travis Hall

Lester B. Pearson School Board
John Le Blanc

Littoral School Board
Jean-François Rodrigue

New Frontiers School Board
Tom Muirhead
Kara Johnstone

Riverside School Board
Louise Bourque

Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board
Kathy Panek

Western Quebec School Board
Steve Greig