Projects and learning situations provide a way allow children to draw from their world of play and their life experience. These are purposeful, meaningful, and challenging situations and they engage all aspects of learning: psychomotor, emotional, social, language, cognitive and methodological.  

How do Colours Express Your Feelings?

In this learning situation, students will first learn about different kinds of feelings. They will explore primary and secondary colours and then learn about warm and cool colours. They will learn how artists use colours to express their feelings or a mood.  Finally, they will create their own art work then plan and implement an art exhibition. 

Author: Natalie Losier (SWLSB)
Author: Christiane Karamanoukian (NFSB)
Publisher: LEARN
Publication date: 2012


Do We Need Robots or Do Robots Need Us?

Learning situation

This learning situation provides a gradual build-up of activities and learning that culminates into  building and programming a WeDo Lego robot.

Author: Christiane Dufour (LEARN)
Publisher: LEARN
Publication date: 2012



Related Resource: We Can and WeDo: Robotics in Kindergarten

What it is: A Canvas for Planning a Learning Situation that uses WeDo Lego Robotics materials. It focuses on language and on competency 6: to complete a task or project.

Highlight: Using the template will help you customize a robotics project for your class.


Author: Team of teachers and consultants
Publisher: LEARN
Editor: Christiane Dufour
Publication date: 2010


Robotics in Kindergarten

All the information you need to implement a Robotics project in your Kindergarten class. Go to page

Additional Learning Situations

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Based on those developped by the RÉCIT national à l'éducaton préscolaire, they all involve some technology component. 

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The complete collection of learning situations developped by the RÉCIT national à l'éducaton préscolaire.