Project Planning Tools

The Provincial Resource Team (PRT) offers several planning tools and resources to the CLC network. 

Each tool was developed in collaboration with community partners and/or CDAs.


CDA Weekly Planner

Developed for the CLC network, the weekly planner is a tool designed to help CDAs keep track of various tasks and responsibilities, while also maintaining an overview of the relationship-building strategies that are core to Community Schools. It also has a section to record a favourite project or “Coup de coeur” moment. This will be helpful when looking back every quarter to decide which project or event to highlight in the report(s).

CDA Weekly Planner -  Download File 

Non-Profit Business Model Canvas

Developed by YES for the CLC network, the Non-Profit Business Model Canvas takes a holistic approach to planning. 

Non-Profit Business Model Canvas - Download File 

Non-Profit Business Model Canvas For Participants - Download File 

Garden Example - Download File 

Project Tracker Template

The project tracker is a paper version of the information you need to collect to input in the Online Monitoring Tool (OMR), with additional space to plan out the project and some tips for collecting information that will help with sharing results of the project afterward. 

Project Tracker Template - Download File