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CLC Framework

The CLC Framework for Action was built on a grounded theory of sustainable change. Being grounded means that the theory is based on lessons learned from the ‘real world’ experiences of people and organizations. The theory maps the ‘pathways of change’ that experience has shown can lead to socially important results that are sustainable over time.

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The CLC Guidebook provides practical suggestions on the purpose of each step, as well as how to achieve and undertake actions for each step. It was written for the person(s) assuming a leadership role in coordinating each of these steps, be they novice or expert leaders.

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The Framework consists of five major action steps to be undertaken by a school/center and its community partners to create a CLC, in order to promote student success and community development. This document is recommended for new CLCs or those that may be 'rebooting'.  It is a 'checklist' of tasks and actions to be completed as you progress in your development.

Steps in the Development of a Sustainable CLC - Download File