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This section features resources for parents to help students flex their English Language Arts muscles. Discover what passions a young adult has and provide opportunities to read, write, talk, and get creative in sharing what they are learning.


Getting Creative with Multimedia

Storyboard That

One of many online tools to make your own comic book or graphic novel. Go to site 

Family Treasure Challenge 

Does your family have a hidden treasure?  Students call up relatives, research a family "heirloom" and make a video about a Family Treasure story. The challenge includes a how to guide  and information sheet to help with research questions. Go to site 

Trading Card Creator

After reading a great book, take your love of the story and characters to the next level by making trading cards.  Trade with friends!  Go to site 

Reading Resources @ Home

Online Library Books

Free access to digital or audio books from your school or local library.  You just need a library card. Go to site 

National Film Board (NFB) Educational Playlists

Educational playlists are selections of films on themes that tie in with Canadian curricula and address the important issues of the day. Many of the playlists are also linked to a study guides. Go to site 

NFB Animation

Animated films produced by the NFB that are different and delightful. Go to site 

Writing and Talking @ Home

How-To: Create a Comic Strip
A step by step process to create a comic strip that combines pictures and text.  A classic way to tell a story or communicate an idea. Go to site 

How-To: Write a Letter

A step by step process to write a letter to a friend, a celebrity or a politician to express your opinion. Go to site 

How-To: Write an Article

A step by step guide to write an article to provide readers with interesting information about people, places, events or issues. Go to site 

Writing Prompts

Writing prompts to help young writers to think through real or imagined events, their emotions, and a few wacky scenarios.  For example, You get to take one book, one food item, and one famous person (living or dead) to a deserted island. What and who do you take? Why? Go to site 

Blog about Courage using Photos

Engage teens in this activity in which they use photographs to examine and write about courage on a blog. Go to site 

Personal Playlists: Ten Favourite Songs

Work with a teen to create a wiki with everything people should know about the teen's top ten favourite songs-and your favourite songs as well! Then invite friends to add their favourite songs too. Go to site