Welcome to LEARN's Social Sciences media page for professional development suggestions for teachers.

Have you got a favourite Podcast or Youtube station or other online media source you use for PD?  Tweet it to us at hashtag #socsciLEARN.

Podcasts in Social Sciences

"Podcasts are a great way to engage with recent scholarship. History podcasts, for example, feature interviews with historians who are discussing their current or past work. In many cases, these interviews not only provided for really good information to incorporate into your lessons, but they can also directed you to their books, sites, blogs, etc."  Read more on Matt's post Podcasts for Professional Development on the LEARN blog

Of course, Podcasts can also be a way for students to learn and present knowlege.  For more on that visit LEARN's section on Student Podcasting here.  For some Podcasts suggestions view our Padlet.

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Video channels for Social Sciences

Are Youtube channels the new Podcasts?  Up to you to judge.  Here are a few media channels you can follow to brush up on your pedagogy, or just for fun!


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