Welcome to ... ELEMENTARY Social Sciences Online Learning
Here you will find tips, tricks and tools to help you teach online and in a digital age, often using LEARN’s various resources on our Societies and Territories web site or on Cartograf our mapping tool.

Engage your students

Flip through some ideas for how to engage your students when beginning your online or in-class digital lessons!

Explore new ideas, and ask questions!

Flip through some way students can explore further and ask questions about historical and geographic phenomena... online!?

Investigate - Research, Gather, Organize!

What about ways students can research, gather and organize information, and investigate further, collaboratively and online!?  Flip through a few ideas below.

Create a new project or presentation

What about projects, designs, making and building ... online? 
Various ideas are available for different subjects and levels below.

Share with classmates or your teacher

How can students share with each other, present their findings, and get their work to the teacher for evaluation!?