STEAM the Kindergarten Way Through Play

In 2017, LEARN consultant Christiane Dufour worked with three experienced kindergarten teachers from the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board (Christiane Karamanoukian, Loretta Cianci and Natalie Losier) to develop a play-based approach to STEAM that is compatible with the level of development of Preschool Education children as well as with the spirit and the letter of the Preschool Education Programme. As a result of that year-long project, four sequential case studies emerged.  They are presented here as stories which illustrate the learning, the growing pains and the victories that were experienced by the team. They provide concrete examples of what happened in the classroom both from the teacher's point of view as well as the children's. They also give you access to all the resources and materials that were created to implement them.

What We Learned Along the Way

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Inspirational Dots and Kandinsky Art

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Clay - Building Relationships with Materials, Tools, and Processes

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Marble Run - Children as Engineers

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Squishy Circuits - Scaling Back and Moving On

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STEAM in Kindergarten Bibliography

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2019: Upcoming workshops

June 7: By popular demand, LEARN will be offering a thematic Open Creative Space day on STEAM in Kindergarten. You can sign up for this LEARNshop here ( Go to site)

LEARN also offers a variety of LEARNshop formats: Open Creative Spaces (OCS), Pop-up Maker Spaces, and STEAM Day Challenges. Look for those which include the Kindergarten audience ( Go to site).


      Loretta Cianci, Teacher, Pinewood Elementary (SWLSB)
      Christiane Karamanoukian, Teacher, Pinewood Elementary (SWLSB)
      Natalie Losier, Teacher, Saint-Adèle Elementary (SWLSB)
      Sheryl Smith-Gilman, Faculty Lecturer, Faculty of Education, McGill University.
      Christiane Dufour, Educational Consultant, LEARN

Thank you also to the principals of Pinewood and Saint-Adèle Elementary Schools who supported their teachers throughout the project.