A message to our users:

LEARN uses the Zoom meeting platform to provide our tutoring service and our online classes. Recent media reports have highlighted security concerns related to the use of Zoom.

The safety and privacy of students, parents and educators are our primary concerns. We would like to reassure all of our users that we have implemented measures to further secure our Zoom meetings and prevent unwanted access to Zoom sessions. Zoom is also taking these issues seriously, and has been actively updating their platform to ensure the security of their users.

Virtual Summer School 2021 is now closed. Thank you to all participating English Schools and School Boards. 


LEARN, in partnership with some of Quebec's English School Boards, is offering online summer classes.

     -All classes are facilitated by a certified and qualified subject teacher.

     -Classrooms are highly interactive.

     -Provides flexibility and the freedom to learn from anywhere.


Virtual Summer School 2021 is available to the following students:

-Students who have already taken the course (or pre-requisite in the case of secondary 4 Bridge Courses).

-Students who did not pass but earned at least a 50% mark in the course. (Does not apply to Bridge Courses.)

Approval of the School Board is required for all students.




-LEARN summer school teachers will provide instruction and evaluation (Learning and Evaluation Situations and evidence) for the courses listed below.

-Evaluation will be integrated into class time.

-Feedback will be provided and attendance taken during the summer school period.

-Final results will be sent directly to the School Board at the end of the summer school session.

For more details, see below or read our flyer Download


Courses may be scheduled in the morning or the afternoon depending on demand and teacher availability. 

Students may register for a maximum of two courses. Please fill in the registration form separately for each summer course.

Please note that if there is an error in the amount charged, you will be invoiced for the difference separately.

Courses & Codes Start/End Dates Hours of Instruction Price/Course
Secondary 1-3: Registration Deadline: June 30 REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED
Math, Secondary 1 Weekdays from July 5-16

30 Hours

9 AM to 12PM
1 PM to 4 PM

$235 (plus taxes)
Math, Secondary 2
Math, Secondary 3
English (ELA), secondary 1- 3 (multi-level)
French (FSL),  secondary 1- 3 (multi-level)
History (HQC), secondary 3
Science Technology, secondary 3
Secondary 4-5: Registration Deadline: July 14 at 3 PM REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED
Math CST, secondary 4 (563-414) Weekdays from July 19-July 30

30 hours

9 AM to 12 PM
1 PM to 4 PM

$235 (plus taxes)
Math SN, secondary 4 (565-426)
History of Québec & Canada,
secondary 4 (585-404)
Science & Technology,
secondary 4 (555-444) 
Applied Science & Technology (557-406)
FSL, sec. 5 (634-504)
FSL, sec. 4 (634-404)(CQSB, ETSB, NFSB & RSB only)
ELA, sec. 5 (612-506)
ELA, sec. 4 (632-406)(CQSB, ETSB, NFSB & RSB only)
Bridge Courses (Secondary 4): Registration Deadline: June 30 REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED
Environmental Science & Technology,
secondary 4 (558-404)
Weekdays from July 5-July 30

80 hours

8AM to 12 PM
12:30 PM to 4:30 PM

$625 (plus taxes)
Math Bridge (CST to SN),
secondary 4 (565-426)


Registration is now closed.