Virtual Summer School 2022

Registration now closed

LEARN, in partnership with some of Quebec's English School Boards, is offering online summer classes.

     -Classes are interactive and facilitated by certified subject teachers.

     -Our model provides flexibility and the freedom to learn from anywhere.

     -To participate, students must have access to a computer and reliable internet. 

Virtual Summer School 2022 is available to the following students:

-Students who have already taken the course.

-Students who did not pass but earned at least a 50% mark in the course.

*For Bridge Courses, students must have the prerequisite credits.


Approval of the School Board is required for all students.




-LEARN summer school teachers will provide instruction and evaluation.  ​​​​Competency evaluation will be integrated into class time.

-Virtual Summer School students must be registered through their school boards to write MEQ exams where applicable. 

-Feedback and attendance information will be provided to families and school boards during the summer school period.

-Final results will be sent directly to the School Board, not families, at the end of the summer school session. 


Courses may be scheduled in the morning or the afternoon depending on demand and teacher availability. 

Students may register for a maximum of two courses. Please fill in the registration form separately for each summer course.



Courses & Codes Start/End Dates Course Hours Price/Course
Secondary 4-5: Registration Deadline: July 7 at 3 PM - NOW CLOSED
Math CST, secondary 4 (563-414)

Weekdays from July 11-22 

30 hours

9 AM to 12 PM
1 PM to 4 PM

Math SN, secondary 4 (565-426)
History of Québec & Canada,
secondary 4 (585-404)
Science & Technology,
secondary 4 (555-444) 
Applied Science & Technology (557-406)
FSL, sec. 5 (634-504)
ELA, sec. 5 (612-506)
Bridge Courses (Secondary 4): Registration Deadline: June 22 at 3 PM - NOW CLOSED
Environmental Science & Technology,
secondary 4 (558-404)
Weekdays from June 27 to July 22

80 hours

8 AM to 12 PM
12:30 PM to 4:30 PM

Math Bridge (CST to SN),
secondary 4 (565-426)


Please register using a computer, not a phone.

Thank you for your patience as we work to address the high demand for summer courses.