Integrating Technology in the Classroom

A successful, educational integration of technology is much more than just using tools in your classroom. It’s asking yourself different questions, such as how will the technology engage students? How will it help support learning or push students to a deeper understanding? Your path to techology integration will look different from someone else’s and it doesn’t matter what your comfort level or level of expertise is. By setting goals and seeking support, you can successfully integrate technology in your classroom.

In the following sections, we have grouped the different resources available to you. The two main sections include Québec’s Digital Action Plan and information about RÉCIT consultants who are available to support you through professional development opportunites and connect you with other educators.

Action Plan on Digital Technology & Digital Competency Framework

In light of the Digital Action Plan ("Plan Numérique") recently implemented by the Quebec Ministry of Education, we have developed a resource to help you navigate these new technologies.

To see our documentation, please follow this link - Go to site

Digital Competency Framework: The aim of this framework is to develop digital competency, which is defined as a set of skills necessary to the confident, critical and creative use of digital technologies to achieve objectives with regard to learning - Go to site


Provincial RÉCIT and LEARN-RÉCIT Services

In Québec, there are both French and English RÉCIT services. Each school board has their own local RÉCIT consultant and each subject area has a team of National RÉCIT consultants. The Anglophone community also has a team of LEARN-RÉCIT consultants that contribute and support professional developement in line with Québec's Digital Action Plan. 

Provincial RÉCIT and LEARN-RÉCIT consultants are available board-wide to:

1. Contribute to the development and sharing of national expertise in the use of technology and digital resources for supporting teaching and learning;

2. Support the development and sharing of this expertise with the local RÉCIT resource team, teachers and professionals who accompany teachers, through:

- the production, distribution, and promotion of resources that support teaching and learning through technology and digital resources (these resources are dedicated to the English community);
- online and in-person workshops or training;
- communities of practice and/or sharing.


Here is the team of Provincial and LEARN-RÉCIT consultants:


LEARN-RÉCIT National Services - Anglophone Community
Thomas Stenzel



LEARN-RÉCIT National Services - Anglophone Community
Craig Bullett




  LEARN-RÉCIT National Services - Anglophone Community 
    Carolyn Buteau


National RÉCIT services - Adult Education

To be determined

Regional RÉCIT Services - General Adult Education

Avi Spector



Regional RÉCIT services - Vocational Education

James Burn

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Local RÉCIT Services


The local RÉCIT mandate includes:

  • Training and professional development of teachers in the use of information and communication technology (ICT) for the classroom, in accordance with the implementation of the new program
  • Guidance and support of teachers developing and carrying out local educational projects
  • Technology watch
  • Innovation and experimentation
  • Collaboration to foster the provincial network

Your local RÉCIT

Central Québec School Board

Yannik Blier
Telephone: (418) 688-8730 poste 3126

Twitter: @blieryteach
CQSB Website -  Go to site 



Eastern Shores School Board

Ajay Modi

ESSB Educational Services -  Go to site 


Eastern Townships School Board

Jody Meacher

Telephone: (819) 868-3100
Fax: (819) 868-2286

Twitter - @meacherteacher

English Montreal School Board

Kish Gué

Telephone: (514) 483-7200 ext. 7549
Fax: (514) 483-7246

Twitter - @Kish_Gue


Caroline Dupuis

Twitter - @carodupuis
EMSB Website:


Lester B. Pearson School Board

Barry Hannah

Telephone: (514) 422-3000 x32636
Twitter - @opimian


Littoral School Board

To be announced

New Frontiers School Board

Anton Ryan



Riverside School Board

Emily Bowles






Monica Vassiliou


Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier School Board

Tim Foreman

Telephone: (450) 621-5600 ext.1438

SWLSB Website -  Go to site 


Western Québec School Board

Lisa Diner

Telephone: (819) 684-2336 ext. 1129
Fax: (819) 684-5800

WQSB Website - Go to site 


Stuart Gray




La belle histoire du RÉCIT (VIDEO)

Interview with Kish Gué (VIDEO)

Flexible Learning Spaces

On Dec 12, 2017, 112 teachers, consultants, & school administrators from across Quebec came to the active learning classrooms at McGill University's Education building to talk about the connections between classroom space design and Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Go to site 
This was a cross-sector day of learning with participants from elementary schools, high schools, adult education centres, vocational centres, and supportive organizations in the English and French sectors.

Congratulations to the organizing committee and facilitators: Andrea Prupas (EMSB), Avi Spector (RSB), Adam Finkelstein (McGill), and Tracy Rosen (CSSMI).

Participating School Boards & Organizations: ETSB, LBPSB, EMSB, SWLSB, WQSB, RSB, CSSMI, CSSV, RECIT, LEARN, CSSS, ASSET, DG Table, ALDI, McGill Teaching & Learning Services.

LEARN Team with Kish Gué, James Burn, Tracy Rosen, and Avi Spector

LEARN Team with Kish Gué, James Burn, Tracy Rosen, and Avi Spector

Flexible Learning Resources

Visit the resources on Designing Engaging Classrooms site, put together by Tracy Rosen:

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Check out what is happening on Twitter via #QCSpace

Honoré Mercier Podcasts

HONORE MERCIER PODCASTS: Students at Honoré Mercier Elementary School in St. Leonard  were pretty busy during the first half of the school year, recording nine tri-lingual (English, French & Italian) podcasts about St. Léonard's most famous landmarks.

Celebrating an important achievement

From Café Milano - Montréal to the Caverne de St. Léonard, plaques will soon be placed in front of these famous locations with #QRCodes, which visitors can scan with their smart phone to listen.

Pedagogical organizations such as the RÉCIT and LEARN have greatly helped, in particular with setting up the BaladoWeb site that hosts all the podcasts.
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In addition to the dedicated teachers (Elisa Infusini, Karina Lajeunesse and Antonietta Morena) a team of resource people also contributed to the success of the project: Sonia Marotta (principal), Kish Gué (local RÉCIT consultant), Dimitri Ilias (Panorama), Thomas Stenzel (LEARN) and Sandra Laine (RÉCIT). 

(Sonia Marotta, Alan November and Kish Gué at the launch)

The project was launched at the Leonardo Da Vinci Center in Montréal where educational world leader Alan November was kind enough to offer a few words.

VIsit the BaladoWeb site:
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Projects Funded through the Mesure 15081

During the 2018-2019 school year, innovative projects within English school boards were funded through the Mesure 15081, “Digital Technology Innovation Projects”. We are pleased to present an overview of these projects and hope they will inspire you to try some in your community.

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