The Theory of Change - or TOC - is a planning method that can help communities to think about, plan and evaluate their work. The TOC combines planning and evaluation, which helps people and organizations adapt to constant change and create beneficial interventions.  The ToC is our network's primary tool for planning, decision-making and evaluating.


Visual Mapping Tool - Download File 

Developing Your TOC at a Glance


DESIRED RESULTS:  Plan with the end in mind by identifying your desired outcomes, followed by the necessary conditions for success.

INDICATORS: Think about the evidence you will need to certify that change is taking place.

INTERVENTIONS: Plan the activities, programs or strategies your CLC will introduce to establish preconditions and achieve your outcomes.

NARRATIVE: Prepare a summary of your theory of change that explains the pathways to change, highlights the necessary conditions for success, indicators and interventions.


Learn More About the Theory of Change

The Theory of Change was largely developed by ActKnowledge, a social enterprise, based in New York City.  Their website, the Center for Theory of Change go to site , contains many helpful documents and links.

This short video offers a visual overview of a Theory of Change to increase the number of college-bound students in Arizona.  

University of Arizona Theory of Change Video - go to site 

What is a "theory of change"? Video - go to site