Family Outings & Camps

Did you know...

Doing activities with your children is a great way to show your engagement in learning French. By the way, several organizations in Québec offer activities at different levels of French.

L’Association des camps du Québec provides a vast selection of bilingual and French immersion camps throughout the province. Attending a summer camp in French ups the enjoyment factor of speaking French. It is a fun way to promote language learning!


Société des musées du Québec (SMQ)

Target audience : Preschool - Elementary - Secondary
Phone : info@smq.qc.ca
Web site   

The SMQ is a non for profit organisation that regroups and represents 300 museum institutions (museums, exhibition centres and interpretation sites). On their website, you will find an interactive tool to select your favorite museum by location and point of interest. They also offer a number of online collections.