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LEARN put together resources for students (or a parent!) who would like to continue learning French as a Second Language at home, here are some general and fun ideas to work on all aspects of the language.
Elementary School Student. Click here.
High School Student. Click here.


Educational Consultants from LEARNLester B. Pearson School Board, and Speaq have worked very hard to offer your child FRENCH ADVENTURES/MISSIONS for the month of April. It's a simple and original way to continue practicing their #French second language skills. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to complete as many FLS missions as possible during the month of April 2020. Ready Set Go!


FLS Adventures Primaire Cycle 1: bit.ly/AdvPrimCycle1

FLS Missions Primaire Cycle 2: bit.ly/MissFLSPrimCycle2

FLS Missions Primaire Cycle 3: bit.ly/MissFLSPrimCycle3

FLS Missions Secondaire Cycle 1: bit.ly/MissFLSSecCycle1

FLS Missions Secondaire Cycle 2: bit.ly/MissFLSSecCycle2