LEARN is pleased to announce that we will once again offer a series of webinars focused on supporting parents as partners in the education of our youth. We have collaborated with trusted experts to cover a range of topics that matter to parents in these ever-changing times. Here's the Fall lineup:



Mental Health and teens: what parents need to know and how they can help  

This webinar will discuss the mental health challenges that teens often experience and what parents need to watch for.   We will also focus on various ways in which parents can support their teens and help them cope. 

Presented by Centre of Excellence for Mental Health
Zmira King Ph.D, Psychologist LBPSB, CEMH
& Carrie Carson, M.A. Guidance Counsellor LBPSB, CEMH

January 25th, 2022
7pm to 8pm
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A Breath of Fresh Air: Time to go Outside

Spending time in the great outdoors (even in your local park) has become even more important during this ongoing pandemic. The mental and physical benefits are worth the effort, even in winter. Join us for a closer look at strategies, tips, and ideas to help your child spend more time outdoors and connect with nature.

February 22nd, 2022
7pm to 8pm
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Parents supporting the emotional development of children  

In this webinar the presenters will offer ways to support the emotional development of children by having conversations centered around their feelings and coping skills. The presenters will discuss the importance of being able to identify key emotions, validating the child's experience and coaching the child, which will lead the child to more productive ways to manage various feelings. 

Presented by Centre of Excellence for Mental Health
Elizabeth Roberts Ph.D., Psychologist LBPSB
& Zmira King Ph.D, Psychologist LBPSB, CEMH 

March 15, 2022
7pm - 8pm
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Parenting in the 21st century: navigating social media/screen time/gaming  

In this webinar we will discuss what are the risks and benefits of kids’ use of digital devices and what is recommended depending on the age of the child.  We will focus on what parents can do to manage children’s and teen’s screen time behaviours and ways to promote a more healthy and safe engagement with social media and the internet. 

Presented by Centre of Excellence for Mental Health 
Zmira King Ph.D, Psychologist LBPSB, CEMH 
& Carolyn Klein, M.A. Psychologist, LBPSB, CEMH 

April 26 2022
7pm - 8pm
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Webinar Archive 


Creating positive relationships with your children
and maintaining them during difficult times 

Kirsten Greb, M.Ed
Janna Gillis, MA

from Centre of Excellence for Mental Health and
Family School Support and Treatment team 

This webinar explored ways to build and maintain healthy relationships with our children, navigate how these relationships evolve as our children grow and develop; and explored concrete ways to foster and build connections in our families. 
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Information Session for Parents of Students with Special Needs:
An Overview of Educational Programs, Resources and External Services (Ages 4-12)

Sarah Lynch, Special Ed Consultant
Claudia De Luca, Occupational Therapist
Sophia Orfanos, Speech-Language Pathologist

from Centre of Excellence Physically, Intellectually and Multi-Challenged whose mission is "building expertise and promoting the well-being and inclusion for students with physical, intellectual, or multiple disabilities".

Do you have a child with an intellectual or physical disability? 

This webinar will provide parents with general information on the elementary school system and the programs that are offered for students with special needs . In addition, common terminology and an overview of external resources and supports will be presented. Parents will receive a digital brochure to serve as a reference tool. The presenters will be available to answer questions following the 30 minute presentation.
Replay here


Parenting in the Pandemic Workshop Series

Watch the replay here.


Swing into Spring Webinars 

The PRT collaborated with community organizations to provide resources for families during the start of COVID-19 with the Swing into Spring webinars, most are available as recordings. Go to page