Write an Article

What is an article?

An article is an information-based text. Articles are written to provide readers with interesting information about people, places, events or issues.

Articles often have accompanying images or other visuals. They use vivid descriptions and strong language to provide information.

This How-To focuses on two types of article:

  • news article
  • feature article


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An article can be in a newspaper, magazine or on the Internet. Blog posts can also be considered articles.


Step 1

Choose a Topic

Use the Brainstorming tool to come up with a topic.

An article can be about

  • a person
  • an event
  • a place
  • an issue


Ways of finding a topic - Brainstorming

  • what interests you
  • what you know about
  • what you would like to know more about
  • interesting or controversial people you know
  • what events are happening in your school or neighbourhood
  • an issue that you feel is important (ex.: clean air in cities)

Step 2

Gather Information

As you gather information for your article, consider the 5 W's - Who, What, When, Where and Why?

  • Who is important in this issue, who are the main players?
  • What happened, what is important?
  • When did it happen, when is it happening?
  • Where did it happen, when will it happen?
  • Why is this important, why should we care? Why did it happen? What reasons can you find for this?

Step 3

Write your Article

Use the Article Planning Tool to write your draft - there are two, choose the one you like best.


The planner asks you to come up with:

  • Image - a picture or photograph
  • Caption - one sentence describing the image
  • Headline - a catchy title that will grab the attention of the reader
  • Lead - the main facts
  • Body - how and why did it happen or will happen?
  • Summary - what is the main point you want people to take away?


Sample article - Go Habs Go!

Sample article - Walking

Step 4

Revise your Article

Once you have a solid first draft, revise your article. You can do this yourself, or ask someone to revise it for you.

Use this criteria for what makes a good article:

  1. The headline / title is interesting and attention grabbing.
  2. The headline / title tells what the article is about.
  3. The lead (first paragraph or sentence) introduces the topic who, what, where and when.
  4. The body of the article gives the reader information about why and how.
  5. The conclusion provides a summary of the topic
  6. The picture and caption are interesting and help the reader understand the article.


Revising an Article - checklist

Revising an Article - suggestions